One for the books!

I actually had an interesting weekend!  I’m quite the homebody – a home-cooked dinner, glass of wine, and a book is my perfect Friday night.  I prefer comfy and cozy to tightly packed bars and alcohol-fueled drama.  Apparently I got a bit of both when I came home Saturday afternoon to a house full of my husband’s friends: cars blocking the driveway and the fridge stocked with beer – but someone was nice enough to grab a bottle of pinot for me!  And amazingly enough, I had a great night.  It was so great to sit by my pool in our new home, eating, drinking, and laughing my butt off!  I felt entirely relaxed and at ease with myself, both of which are a pretty rare feat for me.  Then I woke up to a clean house with leftovers in the fridge – couldn’t have asked for better houseguests 😉

And then today….  Warning: baby mama drama follows.

Eventually I may describe the background to the baby mama drama that haunts my quiet little life, but not today….  So we’ll make this short and sweet, if that’s even possible.  My stepson’s birthday was on Thursday, and he was supposed to spend it with his dad.  Earlier this week, however, baby mama revealed that her bank account was negative, which of course isn’t her problem, but rather that the hundreds of dollars in child support she gets every month isn’t enough to support her high-class lifestyle.  When my husband said he literally had no money to give her, she proceeded to inform him he wasn’t going to see his son this week,  this weekend, or next week.  In fact, she would decide when she wanted to allow him his scheduled weekend with his son.  Never mind the parenting plan, aka the legal document signed by a judge.  So she insisted that she had a whole weekend planned for the four-year-old’s birthday, and there was no room in it for his father.

Now her planned weekend just so happened to be in the town we live in, not where she lives two hours away.  Hubs asked if he could simply stop by and say hi to his son and sing him happy birthday, seeing as how they were in town and all.  Baby mama had the nerve to say that this was a family event and he wasn’t welcome (last time I checked, a kid’s father is his family, right?  I’m just sayin’…).  So, being as awesome as we are, we used our superior powers of deduction to determine where exactly said family event was taking place, and – surprise! – rained on baby mama’s parade.  Funny thing is, the four-year-old’s birthday extravaganza was simply his mother and grandmother lounging at the pool of a luxury Italian-themed resort.  Cobblestone streets, wrought iron balconies, gondolas and all.  Ya know, a four-year-old’s dream! (that was sarcasm, btw)  And even better, baby mama literally hid behind a rock and sent her mother out to ask us not to cause a scene.  We may have sung happy birthday while hugging a soaking wet kid, but that’s not exactly causing a scene…  Seeing the smile on that boy’s face as he paddled over to his daddy was all we ever wanted.  Well, ok, the confused and flustered look on baby mama’s face was pretty good too….

This writing thing really is rather cathartic.  Maybe I should keep it up….  We shall see.