Perfunctory First Post…

I’ve had this idea in my head for quite some time now.  I love reading blogs…  It is such fun seeing these small glimpses of others’ lives, like looking through a house’s open blinds when you drive by at night (you know you do it too!).  The similarities to my own life remind me that I’m normal, or sometimes I see what I wish my life was like, if everything was as picture perfect as it is shown to be on the internet.  My life is definitely not picture perfect, nor do I think it’s normal – but does anybody?

I am, however, pretty awesome.  So awesome that I’m basically Martha Stewart, Temperance Brennan, and Marlo Fisken rolled into one.  Ok, maybe not – but I have aspirations!  I am a great cook (even my mom says so… awww) and an awesome step-mom.  I’m one of those old-fashioned types who takes pride in and actually enjoys keeping my house clean & organized, I love dancing and reading, and I’m pretty darn smart if I do say so myself!

So here it is: my life.  A place to post my own recipes and before & afters (yay!), as well as my deeply philosophical rants on my everyday life, or more likely our never-ending baby mama drama…  Welcome to my own little slice of heaven!